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Monday, February 8, 2016

Black History Month and Diversity - If you are prejudice of color we do not need you
The Morgan County Citizens elected their first female sheriff in 2010.  Ana Franklin was sworn in January 17, 2011.  Franklin made a lot of promises during her bid for sheriff.  Franklin promoted change.  Franklin promoted transparency.  Franklin said a lot of things that have been ignored.  Franklin promised the sheriff's office employees that unlike her predecessor she was going to ensure that proceeds from the posse/rodeo events would be used to enhance all offices within the sheriff's department and to serve the Morgan County community.  Well!  Need I say more?

When we elected Franklin into office this was a great change of our county.  Our first female sheriff.  We knew we did not want more of the same.  Franklin promised us we would not see more of the same.

Inevitably what we got was a no show lying sheriff, who lied about the numbers of METH busts, who deceived her employees, hired people without conducting background checks, hired friends, family, and has committed more Ethics Violations since taking office than Mike Hubbard could ever dream of.

The first thing we thought of was diversity.  The drug task force would be diversified with both men and women, black, white, Hispanic, and other people of color.  The specialized victims unit and sex offender registration unit would be diversified with both men and woman, black, white, Hispanic, and other people of color, the road deputies would be diversified with both men and women, black, white, Hispanic, and other people of color.  Instead we see people of color being terminated, reassigned, written up for cooking a bloody turkey for Thanksgiving, and being placed on several months of administrative leave,  while their white counterparts are allowed to resign.  

We suspect Franklin's comeback to this blog is that she was assigned to the special victims unit.  Yes. Ana you were.  Isn't that when you came to work crying and went home crying because you couldn't handle what you saw and heard.  Yep! A real leader.  It is about the victims not the staff of the sheriff's office.  We are told this is the same time frame that you wrote a 27 page distress letter to one of your ex's.

What the Morgan County Sheriff's Office needs is strong leadership coupled with education and training, sheriff's manuals for the entire staff (sorry Ana the Rodeo Manual doesn't count).  We have a well diversified community with highly educated and competent people of color to choose from in selecting new employees.  Surly the Morgan County Sheriff's Office could diversify their staff.  Remember Ana, your organization is required to follow the EEOC guidelines. 

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