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Thursday, February 4, 2016

As the Doobie Brothers quite often sing..."Ohhhh Rooooollin' Down the Highway"

Last evening one of our observant readers was passed by our Sheriff on Highway 67 next to her favorite automobile dealership, Lynn Layton Chevrolet.   The Sheriff was the only vehicle with out her vehicles headlights activated, it was about 5:30 in the evening.  It seems that the Sheriff was driving while distracted, she was either texting while driving but the reader can't be sure, but she sure was being distracted by her cell phone.

Our readers passenger managed to get some photographs.   The Sheriff was paying so much attention to her phone she was following  too close to some motorist in front of her on a few occasions, and never activated that big expensive F-250's lights when they lost her in traffic as she past her second favorite place in the county, the Celebration arena on Highway 67.

The Sheriff will tell anyone. including the police Chiefs in the county that she is the "Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the County."  You would think that being said that someone in that position would be an example of safe driving,but NOT IN MORGAN COUNTY.  The Sheriff probably doesn't know that there is a setting on that expensive luxury truck that automatically turns on the headlights.   Just like we were told she didn't know how to turn on the blue lights in a department unmarked Tahoe two years ago.  Traffic laws do not apply to Sheriff Franklin and her second in command Larry Berzett, who will not pull over for State Troopers, fine examples of professional law enforcement. 

The pictures aren't great, but this is Ana and her F-250 on the evening of Feb. 3rd 2016 at approx. 5;30 P.M., traveling East on Highway 67.   Notice all other motorist with their lights on.  

Instead of Anne Get Your Guns.  Ana turn your lights on........  Did you watch the news last night and this morning about texting and drivingYou placed our citizens and yourself in double danger no lights and texting.  Where will it end?

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