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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Another party joins lawsuit over loans to used car dealer -

Well, this case is getting interesting.  It will also be interesting to see if the Decatur Daily obtains access to those promissory notes and we get to see whose name is on them other than Steenson.

We have not seen these notes posted on the Probate Judge's website. These documents should be available under the Alabama Open Record Act.  We will try to obtain access to these documents. 

We know that Ziaja did sign a contract loan agreement with Sheriff Ana Franklin's daughter and son-in-law to purchase a house.  Ziaja also loaned his first cousin and his aunt money and had the documents probated.  Ziaja also loaned a prior law enforcement officer money and had those documents probated as well.  We would think that he would follow the same suit if he gave someone almost 500K.

If Ziaja is a special agent with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency surely he conducted a background check on Steenson before forking over that much money.  

I do not believe the Jeffreys knew anything about Ziaja until we started writing the blog.

If Ziaja is so angry at Steenson why did he clean out Steenson 40ft boat last week before it was moved to Florence?  There is a history of Ziaja and the boat with the previous owner.  

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