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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Ana Was In the Building Part 1

When people show who they truly are, it is always disappointing.  

If you recall Franklin fired one of the MCSO clerks just before the holidays.  It wasn't a very Merry Christmas for that family.   Franklin is so angered that we are still getting information from the inside that she blames everybody but her inner circle.  

Franklin seems to be obsessed with finding out who is talking to us. Folks, you cannot imagine how loyal the MCSO employees are to their positions.  We have known for a few weeks of the intention of Franklin.  Rats everywhere......  

We would recommend that the MCSO be more worried about how to pay back overtime to all of the employees who have been short changed for the last four years.  Time will tell. There are some things that elected officials will not be able to cover up. What will all the people say when the burden of proof is on them?  What part did you play?  Were you just obeying orders?  Good luck.

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