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Thursday, February 18, 2016

CORRECTION - Ana Franklin

We need to make a correction to this blog from yesterday.  Franklin was not in the field training the troops.  Sit down before I tell you where she was.  You are not going to believe this........  Ok! enough of that.  Franklin was in the Sheriffs  office.  

That is even more scary than thinking she was out herding livestock from the road way.  We have come to learn that if Franklin is in the building something is about to happen.

Stay tuned.  More to come.

We understand that a lot of folks do not like their names being mentioned in the whistleblower blog.  

We work hard to report the facts.  At least you are not denying the content of the blogs.  

We also understand that someone within the MCSO talked to folks outside our group and that news has resonated around the water cooler.  Hate That.  Not our way of doing business.

Keep the information coming we are listening...  We have homed in on some very reliable information pertaining to the Title Marts that we must research and get the information out.  

We tried to call Ana Franklin on her cell today but she did not answer nor did she return our calls.  She is out in the field training the road deputies on the technique of  herding cattle, pigs, goats, and the like.

Did we mention that it was also a posse/rodeo event?

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