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Monday, February 29, 2016

Ana Franklin, Alyssa Franklin, Steven Ziaja, Greg Steenson where is Big Luther when you need him?

Priceville Partners, LLC formation date was July 2, 2013.  Within a year of formation, Sheriff Franklin's boyfriend Steven Ziaja, Alabama Law Enforcement Agent, and silent partner for the Performance Auto Sales/Title Marts, was deeply involved with the Title Marts and Greg Steenson.  Ziaja loaned Steenson almost $500,000.00 to purchase vehicles.

Sheriff Franklin purchased vehicles at the Title Marts.   Sheriff Franklin's daughter worked at the Title Marts along with Steenson and Steven Ziaja.  If Franklin and Ziaja did not know Steenson it is difficult to understand how two law enforcement officers allowed themselves and or their family to get this deeply involved.  Did Jeffreys sign off on the notes?  Was the notes probated?  Why did Franklin purchase vehicles from the used car lots?  Where was the vehicles purchased?  Did any of the vehicles come from seized vehicles by the MCSO? 

One of our sources wanted to know what Franklin did with almost $400,000.00 dollars.  Folks, where is all of the money coming from?  Citizens asked to review all of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office accounts during the primary elections.  As you know we were able to obtain access to only three of the MCSO accounts. We also obtained copies of compilation reports from Franklin's independent auditor, and the States audits of the accounts.  Nothing added up in the books that we reviewed.

The MCSO has approximately 23 financial accounts.  Maybe Luther Strange should get off of his butt with his mystery litigation that has cost taxpayers almost one million dollars and send some of his lackluster employees, that he obviously does not trust, to Morgan County, Alabama to see how we do things at the MCSO.  

I don't know if any of you read the Decatur Daily Sunday edition with the Headlines "Lawmakers:  Mystery case should be public". We apparently do have some Republicans who have had enough moxey to stand up and report that the citizens have a right to know how our tax dollars are being spent.  We notice that Arthor Orr pulled the Arthor Orr walk: split the baby in half or straddle the fence.  Orr's desire to run for higher office seems to get in the way of being a stand up lawmaker.  He would make a perfect State Attorney General or Governor.  It takes time to learn these skills.

The Decatur Daily submitted an Alabama Open Record Request to the Birmingham firm Spotswood, Sansom and Sansbury for invoices about the case.  The critical information was sanitized from the invoices.  We have a couple of concerns about this Open Record Request.  Number (1) The attorneys were hired by Luther Strange.  The responsible party for releasing the information is Luther Strange.  Put Luther Strange on the hot seat. I personally would not have given the Daily any of the information had I been from the law firm.  This litigation and all available documentation falls in Luther Strange's lap.  (2) "The office has redacted information deemed detrimental to the best interest of the public from this disclosure,".  

See below a few words that explains detrimental.  How could any of these words explain how it is in the best interest of the public to keep the mystery case hidden from us.  Sounds like something we should all know about.  Hey! Luther maybe when you are finished with your mystery case you can come to Morgan County and give us a hand.  


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