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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Why Would a Corrections Officer Taser a Lady in the Drunk Tank THREE Times Consecutively? Who was punished? were invited to a meeting in Hartselle yesterday to discuss a recent incident in the Morgan County Jail.  We are disturbed to hear that a young woman placed in the drunk tank after an arrest was tased three times consecutively while in the drunk tank.

We know the lady's name but was asked not to post it.  Why would a corrections officer taser a woman three times in a row while the lady is in the drunk tank?  If the lady was hostile why not place her in a solitary cell?  Was the corrections officer punished?  We doubt it.  We will post the correction officer's name once we attend our meetings this morning.

We ask our readers to remember that we are not about violence.  We are about truth.  The lady was in the drunk tank because the arresting officer deemed her intoxicated.  Her punishment was being in jail.  This does not give a corrections officer a right to taser a woman three times.  On the other hand, no inmate or other person has a right to be violent towards another human being.  If this lady was violent towards the corrections officer additional charges should have been brought against her.  No additional charges was filed against the woman.

To taser a woman in the drunk tank three times in a row is the equivalent of handcuffing a man to a cell where there are no cameras and beating the crap out of him.  One corrections officer who said she witnessed the incident said he deserved it.

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