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Monday, January 25, 2016

In house investigations not released to the public?

Is it true that a quiet investigation was conducted internally regarding a prior deputy?  Is it true that last year a deputy was placed in charge of all donations, tshirts, money, supplies, and setting up a K9 bank account?

Is it true that the employee was forced to turn over all the account information and paperwork etc.?  Is it true the account was set up in the name of the deputy's estranged son's name?  Is it true the most of the deposits should have been in cash approximately 30-50 deposits?  Is it true that there was only three deposits made?  Is it true that after the "unofficial" investigation was completed Franklin said she was turning the findings over to her accountant?  We are told that the accountant was asked what was found it the audit, and that his reply was that he had no idea what the person was talking about?  Is it true that the accountant was never given the books to review?  No evidence ever made it to the accountant's desk.  Did the evidence make it to the ALEA?  We thought these type investigations were conducted by ALEA.  Where's the press, the media, and the Dolly Parton wig?

We are just asking......

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