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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

UPDATED - Steven Ziaja's Title Marts, Hoover, Trinity, Decatur, Hartselle, and Athens

We were asked by a person from Title Mart to remove information that showed family members.  We honored the request.  Folks need to realize that when they set up an open social media site the information becomes public domain.  We have gathered a lot of information from Facebook accounts.  In today's society when you apply for a position your prospective employer often times reviews your social media website.

What is happening to Steven Ziaja's Title Mart's, from booming to dooming? Folks, the cars are leaving the lots faster than the speed of light?  Why are you moving the cars, Ziaja?

 Decatur Title Mart After Boom
Franklin's Daughter's Business Card..
 Hey! Where are the cars?  There has to be cars....
Decatur Title Mart down sizing....
 Hartselle Title Mart Now...

Title Mart during the boom...

Notice this pic?  Can you see what is hidden?  It is the VIN number.  Why is it hidden behind the documents?

Another hidden Vin Number.  Hum!

Business is booming in Hartselle in July 2015

Hey!  Where did that camper come from, Ziaja?

Ziaja hard at work!

Decatur Title Mart.  Isn't this the same pontoon that sat at Franklin's house for several months?

Decatur Title Mart

Woops! Corley's first mission of the morning.  Nothing to do with Ziaja's lots.
Another Woops.  Corley at his home away from home for the past 20 years.  You guessed right.  Cullman Cattle Sales...
Hey!  Isn't that Ziaja's old truck at the Hartselle Title Mart?  Isn't that the pontoon boat that ended up at the Hartselle Title Mart.

More Ziaja hard at work...
Is this the weekend in the Decatur Title Mart he was flashing tons of cash?

Here we go again.
Pontoon tag...

Booming in March

Woops Corley again hard at play...

Hartselle Title Mart