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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

See Article Posted in Decatur Daily about Orr and Henry being Liars - But First Check out Steven Ziaja, Investigator, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency

Have our readers read the below-listed article in today's Decatur Daily?  Collier accuses Orr and Henry of lying.  Hello!

We recommend that Mr. Collier send the  State Troopers to one of Steven Ziaja's Title Mart's to get their oil changed.  We recommend the Title Mart at 2903 Point Mallard Parkway, South East, right here in Morgan County, Alabama.  Since Ziaja is an investigator for the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency we bet he can cut you a real deal.
Steven Ziaja AKA Booger, AKA Mr. Ana Franklin, and Investigator for the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.  Chill ALEA!  Ziaja brags about his position and claims he is undercover and cannot shave off his beard.  Wow! We're impressed. 

Steven Ziaja in full beard.  Happy Birthday Mr. Booger, Happy Birthday to you
Steven Ziaja, Title Mart Entrepreneur, side job Investigator, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency

Daily photo by Gary Cosby Jr.
Morgan County Drug Task Force agent Steven Ziaja holds a bag of crystal methamphetamine seized in a raid in Morgan County. The 1½ pounds of the drug is one of the two largest seizures in the county's history.

Wow!  Lying is a mighty strong word.  We recommend that Mr. Collier visit our blog if he thinks Orr and Henry are liars.  Actually, they are pretty good guys.   We recommend that you read our blog if you want to hear some of the Whoopers Franklin can tell.  

Once you read the blog you may want to rush on down to Morgan County to investigate Franklin.  Mr. ALEA please call before you make a road trip.  Franklin isn't in the office again this week.  She is out training the road deputies on how to avoiding potholes in the rain.  Tomorrow she will be retraining the Legislators on how to spell Capitol Hill.    

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency head accuses Henry, Orr of lying
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Posted: Tuesday, January 26, 2016 12:15 am | Updated: 6:49 am, Tue Jan 26, 2016.
By Keith Clines Staff Writer | 0 comments
Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Secretary Spencer Collier has accused two local legislators of spreading lies that state troopers have to drive to Montgomery to have the oil changed in their patrol cars.
Rep. Ed Henry, R-Hartselle, and Sen. Arthur Orr, R-Decatur, last week used the state troopers’ oil change practice as an example of government waste.
Collier said Friday he told Orr and other legislators at a joint Senate and House budget hearing two weeks ago the oil change practice had been stopped.
But Orr and Henry both said Monday that Collier did not say the practice had been stopped.
“He didn’t make that statement in the hearing,” Henry said. “He didn’t say, ‘We had stopped it.’ He reluctantly admitted that it was happening and they were working on it.”
Orr said Monday he asked several other people who attended the hearing if they heard Collier tell lawmakers the practice had stopped. No one he talked to heard Collier say the practice had stopped, Orr said.
“If he had said it had stopped, I would have made that abundantly clear,” Orr said.
Henry and Orr used the oil change as an example of government waste at a State of the State forum in Decatur on Thursday morning.
“I read Rep. Henry’s remarks pertaining to troopers driving to Montgomery for oil changes,” Collier said in an email. “I guess the thought process is if (you) repeat a lie long enough, it becomes true. I know Sen. Orr has taken this subject and morphed (it) into something that isn’t happening.”
Collier said in another email it was “completely unfair to allow Ed Henry to repeat lies” without challenging the validity of Henry’s statements.
Orr said Collier sent him an email later in the morning after the Decatur forum informing him the maintenance practice had stopped. Orr said he is satisfied the maintenance program has been discontinued.
“Since then I have ceased and desisted from saying that it is still going on,” Orr said.
The ALEA on Friday sent every state legislator documents to show Henry was wrong, Collier said, but added many legislators “will continue to make this claim in their political diatribes to the public.”
An ALEA news release issued Friday said having all troopers drive to Montgomery or other large trooper posts with an auto shop for vehicle maintenance, such as having the oil changed, was stopped in January 2015 when the agency was fully consolidated from 10 existing agencies.
Troopers were issued a Wright Express card a year ago to have routine maintenance work done in the area where they are assigned, the release said. The release included an attachment of receipts showing routine maintenance work that has been done on patrol cars at locations across the state.
Collier said in the release he wanted to assure the state’s residents and legislators the maintenance practice was stopped a year ago.
“Hopefully, the grandstanding and posturing will stop,” he said.

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