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Thursday, January 28, 2016


We apologize that we were out of pocket yesterday and unable to blog.  We were listening to a lengthy communications that Franklin had with an employee that was recently terminated.

Franklin how can you and other supervisors interrogate an employee for several hours?  Did you allow the person a break during the interrogation?  Why were you so mad at this employee?  Was it because the employee dared file a complaint against you?

We believe you were in Texas when you found out that one of your employees sent a lengthy complaint to Mr. Ray Long.  Is it true that when you found out about the complaint you called the employee in your office and raised holy hell with the employee?  Why would Ray Long the chairman of the Commission and an employer himself turn the written complaint over to you.  That sounds a little unethical to us.  We thought that the commission chairman would have the desire to be fair and equitable to an employee who was having problems with their supervisor.  Why didn't Mr. Long send the complaint to the department of labor and let the department of labor handle the dispute?  

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