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Monday, January 18, 2016

On the left is one of Morgan County's 2 new patrol "livestock" response trucks that will be assigned to two patrol Sergeants.  Both have a cost of $42,000.00.  They are new Ford F-250 gas burning crew cab pickups.  "Plain Jane"  basic models.  One the right is Franklin's Ford-F-250.  It is a high end model complete with a lot of chrome. diesel engine, gps etc. and a sunroof.

So as we can see by her own actions, Franklin does not lead by example. What is good enough for her deputies is certainly not good enough for her.  Why Morgan County taxpayers are we allowing the Sheriff to misuse tax money for luxury trucks?  Clearly if the "plain Jane" models are cheaper and good enough for the deputies, why are they not good enough for the sheriff and her command staff?  Hey! Was a truck purchased out of posse funds?  Who has the truck?  Is it personal or does it belong to the sheriff's office?

MCSO paid 42,000 for a vehicle designated for deputy who herds livestock

Some of the deputies let us know we missed something important in one of our blogs last week.  We apologize to the deputies who care.  We were so busy blogging about Franklin's self importance over helping the legislators understand the impact that the trooper reduction will have on the MCSO without additional staffing and funding.  We bypassed the three vehicles purchased from surplus to replace the vehicles totaled in accidents.  

The moral of this story is purchase surplus for the unimportant personnel.  Give them the dung and dung beetles.

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