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Monday, January 25, 2016

Morgan County Sheriff's Posse - IRS Complaint Form - How to Lose your 501(C)(3) Tax Exempt Status (Without Really Trying)

Please visit the Morgan County Sheriff's Posse's Facebook to see pics of all the events that the sheriff and her posse have attended and/or thrown since Franklin was sworn into office.  I am sorry!  I should have told you before you viewed the Facebook most of the pictures from the events have been removed.  Many of the non-profit events were on the Morgan County Sheriff's Office Facebook and the Posse Facebook until we began asking about where the money is going.

Where is all the money going that has been donated to the special needs children from the local events?  We are not talking about a few hundred dollars here or there.  We are talking about thousands of dollars.  If Franklin is providing the monies collected at these events to the special needs children in Morgan County, show us the money?

We were told by MCSO sources that a company that is/or will be  bidding on the new jail telephone service contract donated $5,000 dollars to the posse.  We were also told that Berzett hand-carried the donation back to MCSO after a meeting with the vendor bidding on the jail telephone services contract.  Who is in responsible for managing how the money deposited in the Posse non-profit account is dispersed?  Who is responsible for managing the account?

Who within the sheriff's office is responsible for planning who attends these non-profit events to include the out of state events?  Who is in charge of ensuring the MCSO is fully staffed and prepared for the lack of leadership during the absence of  key leadership on a normal duty day?  How many of the employees were required be to take annual leave?  The events must be kept completely separated from the sheriff's budget and payroll because the Posse is a non-profit organization.  Who is covering for the deputies and clerks who participated in the event?  The employees and staff that attended this event spent the entire weekend in Biloxi.  Who covered for Franklin?  Who covered for Corley?  Who covered for Berzett? Who covered Dutton's and Mason's shift? Who covered Cindy Crowell? Who covered Richard Hamm? Who covered Justin Powell?  Who?

The MCSO was big on Facebook posting.  Our question is why isn't any of these events posted on the MCSO Facebook or the Morgan County Posse Facebook? At one time hundreds of posts were listed on Facebooks.

We are going to start out with a picture that Franklin posted on her facebook Friday night.  We believe the post has been removed.  The picture sets a scene of Larry Berzett getting an award in Biloxi Mississippi on the night of January 22, 2016.

Picture Compliments of a Concerned MCSO Employee Reviewing one of Franklin's Facebook pages.

Who paid for the trip?  Was the trip paid for out of posse funds?  Did the MCSO credit cards pay for all of these folks who traveled to the PCA event?  Who paid for the gas?  Did posse funds pay for the fancy shirts and belt buckles?  Were county vehicles driven to the event?

None of the folks identified in these pictures worked on Friday, January 22, 2016.  Who filled their shoes?  When was it known to the deputies called into work that their weekend was going to be disrupted?

We know that several hundred dollars worth of posse attire has been paid for out of MCSO accounts.  We are asking the IRS to look into some of the events that the posse has attended to include the political events.  Yes we have copies of many of the events, access to the articles from the media, sources who told us of one person in particular who walked in and picked up several hundred dollars from one of the events and placed the money in his pocket.  Who has profited from the events?  We also want to ensure that no organizations bidding on MCSO contract efforts that are not bid under the open competitive bid process has not donated money to the Posse.

We have many other concerns that we will submit to the IRS to investigate along with backup data.

We ask our readers to be patient while we ask the IRS for assistance.  Below is a copy of the forms we will be submitting to the IRS along with our backup information.  We have plenty to share just in case the Posse have not filed income taxes.

How to Lose Your 50(C)(3) Tax Exempt Status

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