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Friday, January 29, 2016

Innocent people caught up in corruption

We have blogged on many subjects that concerns us around Morgan County.  Ana Franklin and Steven Ziaja has been a large part of our blog.  We have reported on Greg Steenson and his relationship with Ziaja.  We viewed Ziaja's Facebook once we began looking into the Title Marts.  Once we started questioning where the vehicles on the lot came from, Ziaja's Facebook advertising the Title Marts was removed from his Facebook. We have questioned if any of the seized vehicles from the Drug Task Force were sold on the car lots.  It has been very hard to get answers to those questions for some reason.  We wonder why?

We have taken pictures of Ziaja at the Title Mart in Priceville hard at work.  We have reported on Ana Franklin's daughter working at the Hartselle Title Mart.  We have reported on Franklin's purchase of a bucket truck from the Title Mart in Priceville.  

What happened to all the money from the sales of the Title Mart vehicles.  We have found that the checks that were written by Steenson to local businesses came from the Title Marts.  Our sources tell us that Steenson does not have a bank account.  That stands to reason since he was involved in a kite scheme that milked approximately 8.5 million dollars from local banks.

We can't imagine a local bank that would feel comfortable setting up a bank account with Steenson.  We hope that the FBI gets involved and follows the money, the purchases of the vehicles, the checks written to Ziaja, Alyssa Franklin, the purchases of leisure merchandise, and milking innocent people.

We are aware of families who reported losing properties and businesses, and being on the brink of financial ruin once they got on the wrong side of the corruption fence.  Some families will never recover their loss.  These are the families who will continue to fight the corruption until these people are stopped.

We can't help but wonder why Ziaja isn't a part of the lawsuit?  We sent person after person to the car lot inquiring about the owner, Steven Ziaja.  In each incident we were told that Ziaja was part owner.  We made a call and asked to speak to Steven Ziaja one of the owners at the Title Mart.  The Title Mart representative said that Ziaja would not be in until later that afternoon.  

Several people have commented on the Decatur Daily as to why a previous bank president would loan Steenson money if he knew Steenson's past.  We believe that Steenson befriended this family professed his past sins, dedicated his life to God, gained the trust of the family and then went in for the kill.  Try not to blame the victims of scams.  All walks of life can become victims to corruption, scams, embezzlement, kite scheming, and persons who profess to have changed at the hands of the Lord.

Never doubt the ability of a fraud to gain your trust.  We recall that Ziaja and Franklin went to Colorado in 2015 looking for a hunting cabin.  

We know of some of the places that Steenson cashed company checks and bought goods on the Title Marts.  We hope they are worried to.  We know of one company that is very good friends of Steenson, Ziaja, and Franklin.  Hum! No known connection.....

We can't say it enough.  FOLLOW THE MONEY.  

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