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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Inmate Abuse

We respect the MCSO employees and the judges of Morgan County.  We do exclude Howell from that respect but we do respect her position as we respect the position of sheriff.  We do not respect Franklin.  Our goal is to bring back honor to our county.  We have been told that Franklin has made statements that she and her family have been threatened.  We have continued to insist that our blog is about change not violence.  We encourage all of our readers to take your concerns for our county out in written form.  Violence is never the answer.

We do not know the young man who is now sitting in the Morgan County jail on a misdemeanor probation violation.  We are told by our sources that misdemeanor probation violators are rarely held this long.  It won't be long before Franklin makes a command decision to get involved and another lawsuit will come her way.  Franklin is known for ensuring that her common law son-in-law was protected even though he was arrested a minimum of three times while he worked for her.  Isn't burglary a felony?  Even after the arrest on January 31, 2013 he was allowed to resign vice being fired.  Franklin also ensured that Timothy Alan Hall was transferred from Limestone County jail after a conviction of vehicular homicide w/a 15 year prison sentence.  Why?  Hall is the first cousin of Franklin's son-in-law.  Doesn't hardly seem fair does it?  It is safe to say Hall will never see the walls of prison.  Franklin held a lady with mental illness for seven months in jail without ensuring the lady received proper treatment.   Franklin ordered her staff to ensure that she sees any and all of the lady's writings before they left the jail.  Why?  Franklin also stated to the press that she had a mental health ward with 24X7 professional health caregivers.   Another inmate died after becoming seriously ill.  This does not include multiple federal lawsuits both open and closed.  One corrections officer made the statement that they were in the room when an inmate had his lip busted while being cuffed.  The corrections office made the statement "he deserved it".

So my question goes.  Why keep this man in jail on a misdemeanor probation violation?  We have additional information that we will not share on this page because it may be used in court.  Which may reflect adversely on the MCSO. Franklin has a knack for making the jail look badly.

Franklin has been seen in the office more in the past two weeks than she has been seen in several months.  Inquiring minds want to know.