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Monday, January 4, 2016

Hartselle Title Mart - Steven Ziaja's Car Lot

We noticed a few weeks ago that the Hartselle Title Mart that Steven Ziaja is part owner of was decreasing their inventory.  We have pictures on previous blogs of the car lot when it was booming.  The Hartselle Title Mart is the one that Franklin's daughter worked for.  Franklin, Morgan County Sheriff's Office bought a bucket truck from the Decatur Title Mart for 4,900.  Wonder why?  We wonder how Ziaja was allowed to become a part owner in the Title Marts since he is an Alabama Law Enforcement Officer.  We thought that Ziaja would be restricted from going into business with a felon.

Hartselle Title Mart

Decatur Title Mart.  Hay Ziaja what's in the woods?  Look's like the Decatur Title Mart is downsizing as well.

Wow!  How things has changed in law enforcement.  Franklin somehow claims that she sends her folks to the refresher APOST certification training even though they have never been APOST certified.  In the case of Larry Berzett, Franklin wrote his job description as requiring APOST certification or equivalent?  Whatever that means.