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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Franklin's Make Believe World

Franklin's World of Dreams, Fantasy, and Outright Lies

We are sending you an internal email that Franklin had her secretary send to all of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office employees.  You will find excerpts of the email at the bottom of our comments.  What's in your world?

The first page of the e-mail has been excluded from protected MCSO employee's email addresses.  

The second paragraph of the second page of the email that Franklin had Hilda Etienne send out to all employees states that they just finished renegotiations for commissary contract.  Franklin doesn't tell the employees that she dropped Halsey for Superior food service and that her son-in-law went to work for Superior in July 2015.  Is there a connection?  This could also be the commissary contract that DeeAnn Goodwin was hired under.  Remember DeeAnn?  She is Franklin's best friend; she is a contractor who wears sheriff's attire; she drives a sheriff's office vehicle, and has a credit card to match.  DeeAnn's husband was also hired as a deputy; his name is Brian Goodwin.  Who pays for all of the Goodwin's horse trips with the sheriff? 

Franklin went on to say that JP had just completed a very extensive, legal -based guideline SOP for our jail and new inmate guidelines.  Is that true Franklin?  What you are not telling the public is that you rescinded the Sheriff's Manual as of the day you took office on January 17, 2011.  Soooo.  That means that the deputies are flying by the seats of their pants with no guidance.  You still do not have the deputy's manual written.  The below email went out to your employees on September 29, 2015.  It is now January 14, 2016.  If my figures are correct your deputies have not had an approved manual for the past five years.  Yet, you fire employees for not following proper procedures?  How does that work?

Now! Another biggie.  Paragraph three of the three-page e-mail states that the 700 radio system is almost complete and you are making moves to determine a financial plan to acquire a new dispatch and radio system.  

Is it true that you moved money from other pots of sheriff office funds to pay for the radio system?  Which vendors did you test the radio system with before the contract was let?

The last paragraph of the first page and the first paragraph of page number 3 reflects new weapons, vests, and ammo changeover is complete.  Franklin, how many of the weapons that were taken up are missing?  Has the State Law Enforcement Agency been notified if the weapons are truly missing?  Oh, yea! We forgot Ziaja can do it.  We are sure it will be a credible investigation if Booger does it.  He is a well-trained investigator.  

The rest of the paragraph goes on to say the grant for the funding on half of the vests was not available due to funding reductions.  Franklin goes on to say the vests will be paid out of sheriff funds.  Franklin, have the vests been purchased?  Franklin's final words in the first paragraph on page 3 is that "There is no budgetary line item for any of these equipment needs".  Deputies, what does that tell you about where you stand in the food chain.  Franklin chose to spend $400,000.00 on her pet project which is a duplication of effort.  Franklin could have contracted with E911 and used the money she earmarked for her pet project on much-needed equipment for the road deputies.  Not only is that fraud, waste, and abuse, it is a dereliction of duty.  

Page 3, paragraph three, Franklin states that Deputy Porter has researched and prepared a plan for repairing and replacing dash cam video cameras.  Franklin, tell the truth!   Have you equipped ALL deputies vehicles with a dash cam?  As stated above Franklin's pet projects come first.  Our first line of defense is our road deputies yet they are the least prepared to perform their mission.  The guys and gals who put their lives on the line for us.

FOLKS THIS IS THE BIGGEST LIE OF ALL.  Reference page 3, paragraph 5.  Franklin stated "We have passed all financial and records audits in every division with no findings of error again this year.  We have 100% on all audits during the administration.  Thank you for your cooperation with Kathy so that she can maintain our perfect score.  Please let her and the other admin staff and clerks know that we appreciate their professionalism."  Holy Mother of God and we sincerely mean Holy Mother of God.  There was no audit in 2015.  The audit in 2014 was just on three accounts and based on Franklin's ledgers that were provided to us, the independent compilation report Franklin provided us from Tucker, Scott & Wates, LLC and the State Examiner's audit of those three accounts, there appear to be hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of discrepancies. Excerpts of these documents have been published in previous blogs.  Keep in mind we are not financial experts so we asked an accounting firm to look at the documents off the record.  The accountant just shook his head.  We believe if Kathy Brewer and the rest of the clerks involved in the budget were asked they would tell the truth.  However, they would probably get what the last clerk got:  TERMINATED!

Reference Page 3 paragraph 7.  Franklin states that the trooper bill in the legislature which would limit state troopers jurisdiction has not passed the special session. In another section, Franklin says that she is on the legislative statewide committee and will attempt to help legislatures (FYI Franklin, the proper use of this word in your email is legislators) understand the impact that the troopers reduction will have on us without some additional staffing and funding. We are sure the legislators could not possibly understand their job if it wasn't for Franklin's giving advice.  We submitted a request to the Legislature to request a copy of all the non-legislative committee members since our search did not turn up a record of this committee.  We will provide our readers a list of the non-legislative statewide committee members if it exists.  Franklin is a committee member of the Alabama Sheriff's Association.  

If you recall it was this action that Senator Arthur Orr and Franklin had a scheduled meeting to talk about how the duties would be separated.  Franklin pulled an Alexander Haig and made her media Grandstand and said that "her deputies had started working minor wrecks that state troopers previously handled on county roads."  Folks, that was a big surprise to other law enforcement officials and to Orr.  The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Secretary Spencer Collier stated in the article that he did not know about the change in Morgan County. 

Page 3, paragraph 9 Franklin states that reserve deputies have been asked to ride as much as possible especially during the time of unrest.  Now Franklin has asked the non-APOST certified reserves to ride along with the APOST certified deputies which are standard.  However, now you have non-APOST reserves riding along with deputies who don't have the proper gear.

Franklin's last words Micah 6:8  "What does the Lord require of you?  To act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God"  

Honesty, Ethically, Morally, and Legally.  Those are our words for today.