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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Folk's This ex-employee is speaking about things she knows and can prove

I would think giving ur son-n-law the food contact to his Co. over the jail food would be ethics violation especially when it doubled the 1st month n or had to be revisited after A1 flipped out. Also ethics viol giving an At&t contact from the SO To the Newest Sgt's wife Im sure they gained $ from the contract ( this would be the felon)too Fyi. Have a great read folks. Oh n audit the Rodoe acct. There was a Texas trip after the election with non employees there at the time. I bet it was paid for there or on A1 company card. . Ck it out all things can't be hidden n I have screenshots of them there if it is denied. Stay tuned I have lots more. Like I said I keep great records. .. 

Whistleblower comments:

1st sentence.  The son-in-law is Derek Sheats, he was hired by Superior Foods.  Halsey foods had the contract for years.  Ethics Violation?  You bet.  The AT&T contract is as we have already said with the Hartselle AT&T, Chad Smith's new wife is the manager.  We previously posted Mrs. Smith's rap sheet along with letting our readers know that Mrs. Smith is/was a posse member carrying a gun.  We are not surprised about the Texas trip since one of our contacts watched one of her employees pick up a large sum of money after one rodeo event and put the money in his pocket.  A1's card don't doubt it. Screen shots are good.

Now we are asking the State Attorney General, Luther Strange, Governor, Robert Bentley, the U.S. Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, the FBI, and the Justice Department WHO CARES?

If a civilian had done half of what this sheriff has done we would be imprisoned.  You think we have no credibility yet none of us can hold a candle to Ana Franklin, Steven Ziaja, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Investigator, and the rest of Franklin's crew that we have mentioned on this blog.

Ask the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency how many times they have investigated Steven Ziaja AKA Booger.  

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