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Friday, January 22, 2016

Finally! We know where Franklin is when she isn't in the office

We finally discovered what Franklin is doing when she is in town.  According to our sources Franklin instructed staff members to tell citizens who call in that she is in field training the deputies.  Deputies we are not making this up.

The deputies have gotten more attention from Franklin than we realized.  Franklin's dedication to field training with her deputies has built a cohesive unity within her troops.  Congratulations deputies for all of the field training you have received from the commander in chief.

When Franklin is out of town she is most likely instructing the Legislators on how to do their job as well.  Franklin tries to make them understand her views on the budget.

Franklin must be exhausted from all of the field training and legislative work she is involved in.

Ok! That is Franklin's fantasy world.   Back to the real world.  The deputies, staff, and corrections officers are overworked, understaffed, and short changed. Franklin lost another corrections officer AKA dispatcher yesterday.  The employees morale is at an all time low.

The Morgan County Sheriff's Office inside joke is that when Franklin comes to the office someone is about to be axed.

Franklin does not have enough qualified staff to manage the jail, yet she spends $400,000.00 for dispatch equipment to duplicate an effort that 911 is already prepared to perform.  Why is the dispatch equipment more important than upgrading much needed IT equipment for the staff that manages the day-to-day operation, the budget, payroll, and quickbooks accounts. What will the staff do once their equipment crashes?  The cost for the new equipment to support the staff mission is only approximately 60K.

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