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Friday, January 8, 2016

Discretionary Funds go Ana go

We have received a lot of comments about how Franklin intends to use the discretionary to purchase equipment needed to run dispatch from the MCSO. The requisition will cost $400,000.00.  Many of the citizens of the county are not happy about the intended use of the resources.  By maintaining dispatch in the sheriff's office vice 911 you have added a layer to the process of timely dispatch. This is a grave concern since the dispatchers are also being used as corrections officers.  Time is of the essences.

Franklin is required to ensure the the expense is for the betterment of law enforcement in the public's interest and in the proper discharge and conduct of duties of the Sheriff's office.  Yet nobody has the power to stop her wasteful spending.  Compliments of the Alabama State Attorney General's Office.

Clearly Franklin can and does do as she wants, but is the $400,000.00 expense really for the better of law enforcement?  If it is for the betterment of sheriff's offices why does almost all of the sheriff's offices in the State of Alabama use 911 dispatch?  Is the duplication of effort in the best interest of our citizens?  Is the expense of doing what you want because you can a power move?  Is this expense a higher priority than purchasing Kevlar vest for the road deputies?  Is this expense a higher priority than purchasing body cams for the deputies?  Is this expense a higher priority than the purchase of dash cams to protect the deputies?  Is this expense a higher priority than ensuring you deputies live above the poverty level?

Clearly Franklin does not give a rats patootie about making logical purchase decisions.  You have seen the huge trucks the favored ones drive such as Franklin, Berzett, Bones, and Corley.  You have seen how much she protectives and serves the road deputies by purchasing dash cams from China that didn't last more than a few months and never worked properly.  You have seen the loss of qualified employees.  You have seen the hiring of personal friends with little or no education and training in law enforcement.  You have seen the hiring of family.  You have seen the hiring of a family member who spent more time in jail than he did as a corrections officer.  You have seen the financial records which reflect the huge differences in the sheriff's ledgers, the state examiners audits, and the independent public accountants compilation report.

Franklin has successfully bypassed the competitive bid process.  Does that surprise anyone but Franklin?

Does the State Attorney General realize that by giving the Sheriff's of Alabama so much power they have given unscrupulous sheriff a licenses to steal?  No other office of the state, county, or municipality has the authority to bypass the competitive bid process.