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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Commander of The Morgan County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) Drug Task Force Rakes in Approximately 4,160 Hours of Overtime On Franklin's Watch

The below figures may vary some based on our information from sources.

Our source tells us that the commander of the MCSO raked in approximately 4,160 hours of overtime under Franklin's watch.  Amazing since the guy doesn't work on Fridays.  

Our sources tell us that the commander had approximately $100,000.00 bankrolled in a bank account that was discovered while going through a divorce.

We wondered where all the money came from.  Apparently, it came from OVERTIME.  How much overtime did the rest of the drug task force receive in the last four years? 

If Mr. Big Stuff is making $20.00 per hour at a regular time, the pay for overtime would be $30.00 dollars per hour.

Weekly pay at 20.00 per hour = bi-weekly is         $  1,600.00 

Annual gross pay would be    =                              $41,600.00
Average overtime per year     =                               $54,080.00 
Total                                       =                                $95,680.00

Damn, you should have been able to put away more than $100,000.00 grand.

We finally found a pooch that likes her "bones".  She's a hustler.........

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