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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Can you pick out the real Deputy?

We do not blame any of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office employees for the attire they are required to wear.  The burden of responsibility falls on Franklin.  We realize the sheriff's office employees are overworked and underpaid.  It is a disgrace for Franklin to spend $400,000.00 on dispatch equipment while she travels, plays w/horses, rodeos, and uses taxpayer dollars while her employees live within and below the poverty level.  We believe the duplication of effort is nothing short of Fraud, Waste, and Abuse.  How much money does Franklin and Berzett make in comparison to long term employees?  It is time for the US Attorney General Loretta Lynch to get involved.  It is clear that the State of Alabama does not give a rat's patooty.  Look at the controversy surrounding Big Luther and Governor Bentley to see how bad our State of Affairs is.  Franklin is just following the leader. 

The citizens have a right to know.

Deputies or Jailers?  Can they arrest someone or not?  They are jail staff supervisors.  L to R   A Lieutenant and a Sergeant.  They are CIVILIAN employees and are allowed to wear the same uniform as the police academy trained deputies, and are issued marked blue light equipped vehicles.  They cannot arrest, they cannot write tickets, and they cannot answer calls.  But to the common citizen, they look like deputies, the police, someone who can come and help.  They may be reserve deputies, but every day that they work, it is the same uniform as academy trained law enforcement deputies, and like we mentioned they have fully equipped marked blue light equipped vehicles.  LIABILITY PROBLEM Morgan County.........and so it goes.