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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Anonymous Comments Pouring In

We have received numerous private messages regarding Booger's Partnership with the Title Marts.  We also hear that Alyssa is still working at the Priceville Title Mart or is at least there a large portion of the time.   

One of our private messengers asks why Performance Auto AKA Title Marts stopped getting cars from the new deputies?  We were asked to look at the pictures of the deputies we recently received.  According to this source this is something that needs to be investigated thoroughly.  We would like to speak to anyone with knowledge of this information.  Please contact us at  

All of these messages are good and will help with our research.  We have also received several messages from people trying to set us up.  So please give us time to validate the information you send us. 

One significant question we have is who knew about Ziaja being brought in as a silent partner?  Was a meeting held with all partners of Priceville Partners, LLC to vote silent partners in the business? Were minutes of the meeting taken that reflects the vote and acceptance of silent partners?  How many more silent partners are involved that we are unaware of?

We have known about this partnership for a considerable amount of time.  We knew that Ana Franklin, the no show Morgan County Sheriff, purchased at least one vehicle from the dealership.  We knew that Alyssa Franklin worked at the Hartselle Title Mart, We knew from multiple sources that Steven Ziaja was a partner in the dealership per his own admission.  

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