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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

What if it Happened Here (From MCWB Staff)

We all saw  the massacre that occurred in California.  Before we go any further like the rest of America our prayers to the families of those senselessly killed and injured and the brave law enforcement and medical first responderS and the survivors.  The first responders, the families of the deceased, and the survivors will mostly likely suffer from their mental trauma for many years to come.

We also saw from the senseless act of terror what happens when local law enforcement works together in a professional manner.  Wouldn't it be nice if that could occur here?  Did you notice during the press conference that in San Bernardino, California the Sheriff stood behind the Chief of Police in a professional manner? Imagine a sheriff  in Morgan County, Alabama that isn't a media hog.  I do not know of any other sheriff who can take a tragic community event and make it all about them.  The incident occurred in the city.  The terrorist attack was a City’s police department’s situation and call, the Sheriff assisted, and the Sheriff did not take over, nor did he try to.  That is called professionalism at it's best with no grandstanding. 

There  was no rush  by the Sheriff to get in front of the lights and cameras, and no news conferences conducted by the Sheriff on his own.  WOW!  Professionalism!  That is how it is done, and did you notice?  The Sheriff wore the same uniform as his deputies, you will not see that here.  Here it is a LOOK AT ME I AM THE SHERIFF.  The only time you will see the sheriff in uniform is when she has a media frenzy.   I recall going into the sheriff's office and seeing the sheriff in spandex, tight T shirt, no shoes, and hot pink nail polish on her toe nails.  One can only hope she keeps a set of her media gear in the sheriff's office, or at the posse grounds, or her horse trailer(s), or in one of the many sheriff's office vehicles she drives.  We wonder if in the next tragic event around the nation if the responding sheriff's will arrive on the scene with a cup of ice and a bottle of whisky to ease the negotiation pains?  We sort of doubt it.  NO!  We are sure we made the AP wire and these two Sheriffs are being criticized heavily across the country. 

 In our opinion, they should be criticized. Many lessons for our local two Sheriffs can be learned from the California incident, but will their grandstanding strategies and their egos allow that to happen?  Our guess is that Franklin and Blakely cannot take constructive criticism or any other type criticism for that matter.  Never put to Type A personalities together.  

Sheriff Ana can throw one more hissy fit that would make for perfect TV on the Jerry Springer  Show.  We are not making this up.