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Monday, December 14, 2015

What do you do if you are Sheriff Ana Franklin and you don't like the rules?

You rescind them effectively the date you take office.  Can the sheriff do that? The answer is no, you can't unless you are sheriff Ana Franklin.  The memorandum below was sent to us by a deputy who remembers the better days when they were merit employees, knew their jobs, and had a manual that they could comfortably rely on.  The road deputies take their jobs seriously and deserve credit for what they do.  The same goes for the corrections officers.  When you have deputies and corrections officers who have worked in the sheriff's office as long as some of these folks have with little or no recognition, limited pay raises, and some of them living below or at the poverty level, memorandums such as the one below is demeaning.

You may be asking why we keep going back in time.  The first two years of the sheriff's term were turbulent and filled with inconsistencies, lawsuits, and media blitz.  The second two years was much more of the same with more and more lawsuits, excessive spending, questionable personnel actions, more media blitz, posse/reserve controversy, and financial records with fuzzy math.  What we have found is that things are not getting better. They are getting worse.