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Friday, December 4, 2015

Speaking of the Sheriff's Posse and Reserve Program

This is a long blog with a list of patrol stops and arrests of an individual along with excerpts from the Alabama's Firearms and Weapons Laws.  Please bear with us on this one.

We received a tip a couple of weeks ago that Sheriff Franklin allowed a woman by the name of Katrina Lewis Smith to join the Morgan County Sheriff's Office posse/reserve deputy program.  Ms. Smith is said to be married to a MCSO deputy and is said to be the same Ms. Smith that the sheriff transferred the sheriff's office cell phone services to.  The tipster also informed us that Ms. Smith has been arrested multiple times in Limestone County.

According to our source Sheriff, Franklin allowed this lady to be placed in the deputy reserve program with no background check.  According to our source Sheriff, Franklin allows this lady to wear a reserve deputy uniform and a weapon just like all of the other reserve deputies in the program.   We received a print out from one of our contacts in another county that reflects that Ms. Smith has bonded out of the Limestone county jail several times.  We took the liberty of calling the sheriff's office to inquire about Ms. Smith posse/reserve deputy status. After several attempts of making contact with someone within the sheriff's office and being transferred multiple times, it appears that the sheriff's office staff does not know a Ms. Katrina Lewis Smith.

Below you will see a printout that reflects Ms. Smith's charges.  The record is very hard to read so we typed the charges out to make it a little easier to read. The printout we received came with the social security number present.  We modified the document to remove the sensitive information.

Limestone County, Lewis, Katrina Allison AKA Smith, Lewis Katrina
lst charge is speeding 25 miles over the limit, Failure to appear,
2d charge is domestic violence 3rd degree, Bond
3d charge speeding,  speeding 25 miles over limit, Failure to Appear
4th charge, possession of controlled substance
5th charge, possession control substance
6th charge, Use/Poss Drug P
7th charge, public intoxication
8th charge, disorderly conduct
9th charge, coffee pot grocery
10th charge, speeding
11th charge, failure to display insurance
12th charge, speed, failure to appear
13th charge, no plainly visible tag, bond
14th charge, speed, bond
15th charge, speed, failure to appear
16th charge, speeding 25 mile over limit
17th charge, no seat belt

If our sources are correct, all we can say is SHERIFF FRANKLIN?  WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?  How many more people are working as reserve deputies, new hires, and the like who have a record of arrests?   Your office has lost approximately 63% of the workforce.  Did you conduct background checks on any of the new hires?  We trust that this information is credible because of your history of hiring your common law son-in-law who was arrested multiple times for burglary and then allowing him to resign?  It appears that in Morgan County the law is lawless.   How can you with good conscience arrest anybody in Morgan County and brag about your tough stance on crime and drugs?  "Do as I say not as I do" should be the motto for Sheriff Ana Franklin.

We did take the time to pull excerpts of the Alabama Firearms and Weapons Law:

Alabama’s Firearms and Weapons Law
Article 3 Offenses Relating to Firearms and Weapons.
Division 1: General Provisions

Alabama’s Firearms and Weapons Law § 13A-11-72 Certain persons are forbidden to possess a pistol.
(a) No person who has been convicted in this state or elsewhere of committing or attempting to commit a crime of violence shall own a pistol or have one in his or her possession or under his or her control. 
(b) No person who is a drug addict or a habitual drunkard shall own a pistol or have one in his or her possession or under his or her control.