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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sore Spot

We must have touched a sore spot from some of the friends that Sheriff Franklin hired.  As said in a previous blog.  This isn't about you.  If you are one of the friends that Sheriff Franklin hired, it's not your fault.

You may have been hired above your skill, education, and training level, we understand.  You can be trained in time.  You are a friend of the sheriff, of course you would call our blog mud slinging.  It is reasonable that you would call questions and concerns mud slinging.  We are sure that the current long term employees understand that the decisions made by the sheriff to hire you was strictly professional.

We have no control over personnel actions, no show sheriff's, travel, training, budget, posse etc., within the sheriff's office. But we can sure as heck work hard to blog all available information prior to the next election.  We do not believe that all of the 38,000+ Google views and the 12,000+ blog views are Sheriff Ana Franklin supporters.

Which brings us to a very important comment that needs to be addressed.  Many of you have asked why the DA, Judges, the County Commission, the Coroner, or other local politically elected officials can't do something.  It appears that sheriffs have exclusive power of their office, employees, hiring, firing, and last but not least their budget.  You could say the sheriff has more power than just about anybody in the State.

We understand why you may not care that APOST certified road deputies have gone through extensive training that you have not.  Sure you can go through the APOST certification training or maybe you will be allowed to go through the APOST two week refresher training course.  All the while the APOST certified deputies will gladly pull your load.

Sure the sheriff can ignore applications of qualified APOST certified deputies over non APOST certified civilians.

I won't even bring up the Keefe vendor employee who drives a MCSO vehicle, uses a MCSO gas card, and wears MCSO attire bought at NAFCO.

We are sure someone, somewhere, has assured the sheriff that she can hire anybody she wants to hire.

Forgive the mud slinging.