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Thursday, December 24, 2015

She's ready for her closeup.

Kudos to the members of the MCSO for their participation in the fund and supplies drive in support of the victims of domestic violence.  The late Kay Stevens would be proud.  The men and women of the MCSO are on the front line in domestic violence cases.  They and other first responders know first hand the depth of the brutal assaults, the horror of family members, and the breakup of homes.  Too often the follow-on response from the courts and the upper echelons of law enforcement is too little, too late.   How many victims will it take for the 'leadership' and 'judges' to recognize the problem and devote resources to correct it?   How many?
We are sad to note that once again Franklin inserted herself in the coverage, standing in front of the camera, mouthing and mangling the usual platitudes, taking whatever credit she can.  But she can't cover up her malfeasance in the arrest and transport of the alleged killer (let's go by and see your daddy on the way to the jail---those handcuffs are so uncomfortable, let's not use them--after all, you are family).

Good job, troops!  D*mn shame your boss is what she is.  You deserve better.