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Monday, December 28, 2015

She's Ready for Her Close Up 2

Food delivered to the local domestic violence shelter was it just another media blitz for Franklin?  Franklin's behavior is especially disgusting by using Kay Rogers picture in the food drive.  Especially since Franklin handled the standoff in the manner that she did.  Franklin's desire was to take Roger baby to visit his daddy on the way to jail, no handcuffs for Roger, no screen to protect Franklin.  You should be asking why.  Why did Franklin treat a cold blooded killer as if he was her best friend?  What has happened to professionalism vice friendship?  Why does Franklin continue to use Kay's picture?  Does she feel guilty for her actions in taking over the standoff and how she conducted herself with Roger Stevens?  Doubt it!  

Our readers ask us to let you know that when we address Franklin and Judges our intent is to let the community know that the Judge that refused Kay Stevens request for the protection of abuse order was the one and only Judge Howell. Our highest respect goes out to all of the judges in Morgan County that hold themselves to a much higher level of professionalism, by knowing the law, and applying the law without prejudice.  How many complaints and appeals does Howell have that are on going?  After reading the article in the Decatur Daily of how Roger Stevens wanted to ensure Kay was dead by cutting her throat to finish the job is sickening especially knowing how Franklin and Blakely took over the standoff.  Did they know Roger Stevens wanted to finish the job?  How could they not, they set in the truck with Stevens sipping whiskey according to our sources.

Last but not least we are told by a previous reserve deputy that a lot of the food from last years food drive did not go to the needy.  Let Franklin tell you where the food went.  Some of the reserves know.

People forgive ignorance, but they never forgive a phony.