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Monday, December 7, 2015

Sheriff Franklin's Frustration

We understand that our blog has gotten to be a burr in Sheriff Franklin's saddle. We understand that our blog better be 100% accurate or else.  Why are we being held to a higher standard than the sheriff?  Don't be angry sheriff just make it right.  

Folks! We are not perfect.  We will make mistakes through misinterpretations of communications with our sources, misunderstandings, and third party communications.  Unlike some of the reports sheriff Franklin has made over the years, we strive to correct our inaccuracies as soon as identified.  One great example of sheriff Franklin's tall tales is the number of METH labs she has reportedly busted over the years.  The METH busts statistics are reportable to the state by all law enforcement agencies.  Easy stuff to track.   There is several other media and press inaccuracies the sheriff has made during her time in office that has never corrected.   Including the story about having a 24X7 mental health facility with qualified professionals. 

Our blog is not about hatred or intentional false reporting.  Our blog is about letting the public decide future elections based on fact vice make believe.  Much of the information released on the blog is information the press, the media, and the Alabama State Attorney General ignored.   During the primary campaign sheriff Franklin would call the press and media and they would come running.  The only way the press would report any of the information from the other side was if one of the  candidates was willing to call a press conference.   In hindsight we the citizens should have called press conferences instead of providing the information we had to to the candidates, press, or media.  We can't express how many people in Morgan County has asked why this information was not made available before the election.  Good question!  Ask the press and the media.  

Last but not least we hear that the sheriff isn't going to work because she is so distraught over our blogs.  That can't be true because she wasn't going to work before we started the blogs.  We can't tell that the sheriff''s behavior has changed since we started blogging.  In the past 8 weeks Franklin has made a total of three appearances to the sheriff's office.   That seems about the same amount of time as before the blogs.  

If you want to see the sheriff just dangle a camera in front of her for some good publicity and she will come a running.  Let the sheriff get an opportunity to open mouth and insert foot to The Decatur Daily and she will do it every time.  The sheriff would be better served going to work and cleaning house but that would mean turning in her badge, pink handcuffs, and the county's truck.  Huh! Not happening.....