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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Roger Stevens Court Today

Roger Stevens will have an appearance in court today.  We can't help but wonder if Franklin will take him from the jail to the courthouse in a sheriff's vehicle that doesn't have a protective screen the way she did when she left the scene of the standoff with Stevens?  If you recall at the standoff Franklin and Blakely sat in the semi with Stevens sipping whiskey.  Franklin planned on taking an alleged cold blooded killer to see his daddy before taking him to jail.

We will no longer be calling Franklin Sheriff.  We respect the position of Sheriff of Morgan County but we do not respect the person sitting in the seat of Sheriff. If you have read our blogger you know that Franklin does not deserve to be called the Sheriff of Morgan County.

The family of Kay Letson Stevens had a fantastic turnout Saturday at their final closing of the Bakery.  Kay won.  Even though Franklin and Howell made a mockery of the sheriff's office and Howell's position as judge in Kay's case.  Kay won.  Kay is at peace. You can no longer ignore her calls for help.  You can no longer make a mockery of the system.  You can no longer allow Kay to be hurt or demeaned.  Kay longer has to suffer verbal abuse, threats of murder, harassment, and fear thaT you to allowed her to experience.  All for the love of your friendship of a cold blooded killer.  Franklin, how many families have you intentionally hurt, how many mentally ill suffered in MCSO jail, how many people have you made believe through your BS (and I don't mean you're "almost" Bachelor of Science degree) that you have a mental ward fully equipped with qualified staff 24X7?  How many, Franklin?

Kay has something that you can never take away from her.  She has peace in heaven resting in the arms of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We hope you, Franklin and Howell, remember what  you did to the Stevens family for the rest of your life. You won't remember Kay.  Shame. Shame. Shame.  Franklin, we believe you should be Roger Stevens' neighbor.

None of this is written with hatred.  We actually feel sorry for you.  You just don't get what the position of sheriff is about.  There should be honor, respect, loyalty and support of your troops, who will in turn support you.  You just don't get it....