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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Jonathan Stebbins - Common Law Son-In-Law of Sheriff Ana Franklin

How did they do it?  We received a print out yesterday of Jonathan David Stebbins arrests.  What is interesting is that none of his arrests during the time that Stebbins worked for Sheriff Franklin as a Corrections Officer showed up on the state-wide printout.

Stebbins was arrested in Limestone County, a few times before and during his employment with the MCSO. Beginning on December 13, 2012, to the time he resigned his position as a Corrections Officer on February 4, 2013, none of his arrests were recorded in the state-wide database. Matter of fact we believe he was in jail in Limestone County on his first day of work.  We have articles of some of the arrests below.  In addition, we were informed by a reliable source that Sheriff Franklin told them that if they had problems with Stebbins' absence during the time he was in jail they were to call her personally.

The document below reflects some of Stebbins arrests but not all of them.  The funny thing about the missing arrests is that they happen to be the arrests for burglary(s) and contempt during the time frame Stebbins worked for Sheriff Franklin in the Morgan County Jail.  If we are not mistaken all arrests must be recorded whether they are adjudicated, dismissed, or the person is indicted by a grand jury.  Maybe Sheriff Blakely can tell us why Stebbins arrests are missing from the records. We need to ask the DA how the rest of the folks in Morgan and Limestone County can get a deal like that.  I am sure there is a lot of people who would love to make their arrests go away.