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Monday, December 14, 2015

High price for being on the road

Morgan Sheriff's Office accounts for 95 percent of the county's car insurance claims.

All we can say about this story is that at least you know who is working.  Again, folks it is the road deputies out there who are overworked and underpaid that are having the accidents.  I wonder how many of the drivers were APOST certified responders.

Franklin said when asked why Anderson was taken off the road, "We felt like it was a good idea for Frank to be in the jail for a while,"  According to Franklin, Anderson was resigned to the Morgan County Jail for 30 to 45 days.  Which was it, 30 or 45 days?  Was the action a disciplinary action?  Was the disciplinary action placed in the deputy's personnel folder?  Wasn't the large volume of wrecks the real reason you painted vehicles pink, Sheriff Franklin?  It appears the pause for the cause in regards to the pink vehicles was all about the wrecks. Didn't you tell the deputies that the next person who wrecked a vehicle would be riding in pink?

It seems like we recall that when Sheriff Franklin bought the sheriff's office diesel truck, she put off road diesel in the truck and had to have the motor completely rebuilt for a total of about 10,000.  Was that  incident covered under insurance or cash?

It seems that we also recall an incident at a church in Lacey's Springs when Ziaja hit an awning in one of the drug task force vehicles that was to be paid for out of cash vice an insurance claim?  How was that claim paid?

Franklin goes on to say traveling at high speeds during a chase or answering a 911 call heightens the chance of being in a wreck, but a response time by driving the speed limit could result in not catching an offender or a worse outcome for a victim.  That is absolutely correct in regards to the underpaid deputies who try to keep us safe, but what about incidents like Sheriff Franklin flying down the interstate at a high rate of speed to get to the next horse event or Miranda Lambert concert, in her county vehicle?  Or using her county vehicle to tow one of her horse trailers and backing into a pole?  Or Larry Berzett flying down 31 at a very high rate of speed and refusing to stop for the local authorities?  These incidents are just liabilities waiting to happen.

At least the deputies are answering 911 calls.  What are their superiors doing? We can't tell you how many times we have observed one of the sheriff's favorite members of the drug task force flying down 31 South to get to one of his favorite eating establishments.  Can we say Captain D's Please.

Last but not least what about allowing non sheriff's office persons to drive the sheriff's office vehicles?  Or allowing the reserve deputies to drive sheriff's office vehicles?  We believe these incidents are as much of a liabilities as a posse/reserve members carrying guns when they have multiple arrests.  Or the sheriff allowing her common law son-in-law to carry a gun as a corrections officer, or replacing APOST certified deputies with non APOST certified deputies.

We do believe that the incidents are excessive for the county's annual premiums to go up 23 percent.  We can't help but wonder about the costs for the Federal Lawsuit deductions and premiums costs being paid out.