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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas - The Reason For The Season

We need to remember the reason for the season

People are suffering throughout the world this Christmas season through the perils of living in war torn regions.  Terrorism has shocked our world and our home land.   Prayer's for the suffering of all people are heard throughout the land by our lord.  He takes our pain and suffering and replaces it with new beginnings.   Stand still and listen and you will hear our lord whispering love songs in your ears that vibrate through your soul. We ask that you pray for the unjust and remember those in our community less fortunate this Christmas season.  Food for thought.  We have two shopping days before Christmas.  Our spirits are at their peak in remembrance of the birth of our lord.  We feel closer to our lord and savior as we celebrate his birth.  While finishing up your last minute shopping look around you and remember those less fortunate.  A warm meal for the hungry, a smile, a dollar in a child's pocket, a coat, pair of shoes, any warm and loving jester means more to the needy that all the riches and gold we put in our pockets throughout the year.  Put a smile on just one child's face this Christmas season will warm your heart for years to come.  You will never forget the smile you receive for just one small gift.  Most importantly neither will the recipient of the gift.  

This blog is dedicated to The Reason for the Season!

As we have said time and time again our blog is not about hatred.  It is about change.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Kay Stevens family this Christmas Season.  Kay you will be missed.

Our thanks go out to the media that so professionally reported Roger Stevens day in court yesterday.

Our prayers go out to Roger Stevens tormented soul.  May God forgive us our transgressions against others.