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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

But yet we are…it is damage control time!

This is the last post we will make in regards to Sheriff Franklin and her sugar coated treatment of a man that threatened and followed through killing his wife.   Now this?  Sickening...  

Sheriff Franklin has no shame, and she does not know when to leave well enough alone.  This year’s food drive by her department is dedicated to Kay Stevens.  Here is the debacle.  Sheriff Franklin stuck her nose in the murder case of Ms. Stevens and treated her ex- husband, who killed her in the worst case scenario of domestic violence and treated him as if he was a victim.   She would not turn over the murderer to the Decatur Police Department, she would not allow handcuffs to be placed on the murderer, and had full intentions of transporting him to see his elderly father in Somerville before he was taken to jail!  Now this Sheriff has the very nerve to dedicate a holiday food drive to the victim of this homicide that she didn’t think very much of on the day she was gunned down?   This is all about Sheriff Franklin folks, damage control in the name of a crime victim that was highly respected and loved in the City of Decatur.  Damage control over treating the ex-husband, a cold blooded pre-meditated murderer like a victim.  Wake up Morgan County!  Your Sheriff is all about the Sheriff!