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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

APOST Certification Training - Contract Labor and More

We took the time to go through the sheriff's ledgers to determine how many employees was sent for APOST certification training from 18 January 11 - 31 December 2013.

11/29/2011       Check #1562    Ron Livingston       APOST Certification Class
12/15/2011       Check #1589    Ron Livingston       APOST Refresher Class
05/08/2012       Check # 1743   No Name                 Court Security Training
05/30/2012       Check # 1767   Ron Livingston        The Alabama Association
                                                                                    of School Resource Ofcr
07/19/2012        Check# 1826   No Name                  Criminal Patrol (APOST)
11/27/2012        Check# 1994   Mason/Sain              FTO Course (APOST)
01/23/2013        Check# 2061   Hartselle Enquirer    Sow Sale
08/01/2013        Check# 2377   No Name                   FTO Course (APOST)

The sheriff's ledgers reflect only two APOST certification classes.

We do not have the stats for the number of employees that quit, resigned, retired, or was terminated from the MCSO from January 18, 2011 - December 31, 2011.

Since the sheriff's office has lost 113 employees from January 1, 2012 - Present wonder how many APOST certified deputies are left to support the mission?

In regards to Check # 2061 the sow is the only sale of seized property reflected in the sheriff's ledger as being in a sheriff's sale.  Believe there was also a mule sold as well.  Wonder what happened to all of the seized vehicles, equipment, computers, guns etc.?

Back to the contract labor paid out of the Inmate Housing Account, Larry Alton Berzett was paid 24,460.00 out of the 38,620.00.

From 01/31/2013 - 06/17/2013, Berzett was paid an hourly rate of 10.00 per hour. He accumulated a whopping 988 hours.

From 01/31/2013 - 06/17/2013, Clements received 189 hours at 10.00 per hour.

From 07/03/2013 - 12/02/13, Berzett was paid salary.  Hay!  How do you pay contract labor salary pay?

The rest of the funds was spent on the sheriff's cousin Johnson and Clements.

It appears that 38,620 would have paid for a lot of needed equipment, APOST certification training, and much more.

We wonder what Berzett did for the sheriff's office that regular employees couldn't do?

Berzett was later hired as the Jail Administrator.