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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Another Corrections Officer Resigned

We understand that Corrections Officer Hayes resigned from the Morgan County sheriff's office yesterday.

You may remember Officer Hayes from previous posts.  Hayes was the unfortunate corrections officer that directly supervised Sheriff Ana Franklin's common law son-in-law Jonathan Stebbins during his short turbulent employment.  If you recall Stebbins is the one who had multiple arrests during his employment with the sheriff's office and a felony conviction for 1st degree burglary w/a pretrial diversion.  Another interesting aspect of Stebbins arrests is that there is no record of the arrests in the state lookup systems for the timeframe he worked for Sheriff Franklin.

Officer Hayes is also the unfortunate officer who was on duty the night Larry Berzette's granddaughter looked up her baby's daddy on the NCIC database which in most cases results in the termination from the position.  Berzette's granddaughter was/is a dispatcher for the Morgan County Sheriff's Office.  It should also be noted that when the lookup occurred, Alexandria Berzette had no training on the database and should not have had access.  Officer Hayes wrote Berzette up for the unauthorized lookup and Berzette was placed on administrative leave as punishment but was allowed to ride with a road deputy so that she would continue to receive a paycheck.  The sheriff ensured that Berzette received training after the fact.  Lack of training is something that we keep harping about.  If we are not mistaken the Lawrence County Chief Deputy was fired for misuse of the Federal lookup system.

Shortly after the events occurred with Berzette, Hayes was placed on two weeks administrative leave without pay.  Once the two weeks administrative leave without pay was up Hayes was placed on an additional five and one half month's leave with pay.

When Hayes returned from the six months administrative leave she was removed from the jail and placed in the courthouse.  Hayes spent several months assigned as courthouse security without the gear all of the other courthouse security guards was equipped with  to aid in the protection of the public.

Hayes, a woman of color, was treated in the manner described above while Stebbins a white man and Berzette a white female received all the luxuries afforded Sheriff Franklin's favorites.  Stebbins was allowed to resign without adequate notice.  Berzette is still on the job today.