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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Alabama Sheriff's Association Board of Director's

It is a disgrace to view the Alabama Sheriff's Association website and find that the only female board member is Ana Franklin, the Sheriff of Morgan County, Alabama.  Is the Sheriff's Association aware of the information posted on this blog?  Do they care?  We had an opportunity to make a mark on our state by proving that a female sheriff can do anything a male sheriff can.  The truth of the matter is Morgan County, Alabama is full of women who can perform the duties of sheriff as professional and responsible as any man I know, just not this female sheriff.  We have been disgraced and set back 100 years by her .

Sheriff Franklin is very personable, she has a way of winning the room, she made her employees believe they were important to her, they supported her, they volunteered for all of her pet projects, they gave up free time, family time, and for what?  Well!  What you see is this blog is what the employees, the citizens, the public officials, of this county was rewarded with.