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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Why is Sheriff Franklin using sheriff department equipment and allowing her staff and vendors to utilize county resources for personal use, allowing the drivers to live out of the county and using their gas card for gas purchases, traveling out of state, driving in excess of 90 MPH and refusing to stop for a state trooper on patrol?

 Dee Ann Goodwin's County Truck
Vendor employee's driving county vehicles. 

Shortly after Dee Ann was hired by a vendor and given a truck, gas card, sheriff's office attire her husband was hired by the sheriff as a deputy.  Goodwin is not APOST certified.  Sheriff says she  is sending him to the two week refresher course.
New Hire Zivat - Non APOST Certified New
employee hired when the sheriff's office should be hiring and promoting from within using fair and open competition.
 Corley's New Truck
Corley" Truck

Berzett's Truck

Some of the wrecked county vehicles

Not shown is the bucket truck Sheriff Franklin purchased with MCSO funds from her boyfriend Steven Ziaja's pay as you go Title Mart car lot in Decatur for 4,900.