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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Update on the MCSO Sheriff's Relationship with Roger Stevens

We have been told that Sheriff Ana Franklin has a long  term relationship with Roger Stevens and his family.  Is it possible that Sheriff Franklin's relationship with Stevens family is the reason why she treated a suspected murderer of killing his wife Kay Stevenson as she did.  We believe so.  Her reckless behavior placed knowledgeable investigators and deputies in a very dangerous situation.  The sheriff also placed herself in a very dangerous situation.  The sheriff placed Stevens in the back of her vehicle with no handcuffs, and no protective shield.  No professional law enforcement officer would place their piers and co-workers in a dangerous situation such as this.  We are sure she let everybody know that he was harmless.  New Break Sheriff HE ISN'T HARMLESS YOU PAMPERED A MURDER AND BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT PROFESSIONAL ENOUGH TO DO YOUR JOB WITHOUT PREJUDICE.  We wonder what Kay Stevens family thinks of the special treatment Roger Stevens received after killing their loved one?

This action goes right along with her hiring her common law son-in-law as a corrections officer after his pre-trial diversion on a 1st degree burglary.  This doesn't include the multiple times he was arrested while working in the MCSO. You know! It's funny the conditions of his pre-trial diversion required he enter and complete drug court.  He was arrest multiple times for contempt of court and burglary yet amazingly you can't find anything on those arrests.  We wander as we wonder what was the final disposition of Stebbins arrests?  Could it be that he was arrested in Limestone County?  Hey! Isn't Blakely the sheriff who was with Franklin during the fiasco involving Roger Stevens?  W wonder as we wander if there is a connection?

We wonder what would happen if something like the Stevens fiasco happened to one of us, if we would be treated the same way Rogers Stevens was and her common law son in law was treated.

We think we know what she would do to one of us and it isn't pretty.  Remember my lady went to jail for seven long months and all she got was the shaft.  Though she suffered with mental illness, she and judge Howell did a number on this lady. She wasn't given special treatment.  You would not be treated in the manner that Stevens and Stebbins were treated. Those rights are reserved for her cronies, family, and friends.

The sheriff got the gold mine the people get the shaft.