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Friday, November 20, 2015

The Wrong Way Franklin and Howell Handled The Roger Stevens Stand Off, and the Right Way - When the Shoe is On The Other Foot - It Changes How Franklin and Howell React

The two stories below show how Franklin and Howell handled the Kay Stevens murder and how they react when the shoe is on the other foot.  Granted, Mr. Rogers may not have been charged and convicted with as many crimes as Brandon McCravy but Kay Stevens deserved as much reaction from Howell and Franklin as they gave to McCravy's girl friend and Howell.  I hope you can read the Newswire below Blakley says the Roger was charged with making a terrorist threat.  And now. 13 Months later Roger has been charged with her murder.....Now tell me why Kay Stevens died.  They knew.

However, It appears that Mr. Stevens had a prior arrest for terrorism unfortunately I can pull up the entire story.  


The Other Story.............The Standoff

It is common knowledge in the local law enforcement community that Sheriff Franklin will try to "stick her nose" in any high crime situation, even if it does not involve her agency.  The following is from our local law enforcement sources, who to say the least are left shaking their heads in anger as to what was observed Saturday when two Sheriffs broke all the rules of law enforcement negotiation.

Decatur Police worked hard to solve a viscous senseless domestic homicide.  DPD has a very capable homicide detective unit.   What is not clear with our sources is how Sheriff Franklin became involved with DPD's case.  DPD homicide detectives tracked the suspect, the husband of the victim after hard work to a Target contract trucking company lot on Greenbriar Road in the Huntsville City limits in south Limestone County.

HPD responded as well as DPD.  Both the DPD and HPD swat teams responded as well as their negotiators for the suspect was locked in his company diesel tractor truck and refused to come out.  The SWAT TEAMS set up tactical perimeters.  Sheriff Blakely and his deputies were on scene as well as MORGAN COUNTY SHERIFF ANA FRANKLIN and four of her deputies.  Wait a minute!  This is in the City of Huntsville, and it is a Decatur Police investigation.  Huntsville and Decatur Police are on scene, and Limestone County but...WHY MORGAN COUNTY ALSO???

Just a few days previous Chief Deputy Mike Corley was quoted in the Decatur Daily stating that at any given time there are only 5 deputies on patrol, and four went to Limestone County?  According to our sources, neither Limestone nor Morgan County were called to assist.  You can understand Limestone responding, but Morgan County.  Oh!  Cameras, Press, Pictures!  We get it now.

Back to the scene, after the "perimeter" was set up, the two sheriffs decided to go to the truck and conduct the negotiations.  Not only did they go to the truck, they got in the truck where the suspect was sipping whiskey OH! By The Way according to our sources Blakley and Franklin were sipping whiskey with Stevens.  This angered HPD, and they immediately pulled back and their SWAT team left the scene.  All other officers that had carefully set up a perimeter that included positions for their safety, had to re-adjust because of these actions.  Then as if this wasn't bad enough, the Sheriffs allowed the suspects brother to enter the truck as well.  According to our sources, this goes against all modern day training in these types of situations.  Was the brother frisked for weapons?  Who knows?

Once they emerged from the truck Sheriff Franklin REFUSED to allow DPD to place the suspect under arrest for murder and to place him in handcuffs.  She refused to allow DPD to even have the suspect telling DPD detectives that she was going to carry the suspect to see his dad in Somerville before she took him to jail.  What took place is not clear according to our sources but, the suspect did not go and see his dad, we are told DPD held firm that was not going to happen.  The sheriff did not allow DPD to transport their prisoner, she and Blakley transported the un-handcuffed murder suspect in a sheriff's vehicle with no cage to the Decatur City Jail.

You will not hear this from any officer on the scene, nor will you hear this in the press.  DPD and HPD unlike Sheriff Franklin are too professional to say anything publicly about this standoff.  This is not the first time Sheriff Franklin has tried to "take over" a DPD scene, she tried when a strange package was found on a railroad car at Daikin in Decatur, when DPD had the situation well under control.

We will add that there is a possibility that Sheriff Franklin may have been asked to assist in some way in locating the murder suspect, some family members live in the county.  But based on our law enforcement sources her and her Sheriff friend from Limestone County did not coordinate with the other agencies on scene, and took over.  Grandstanding?   Our point is DPD and HPD are highly trained and to be blunt both sheriffs could probably learn from them, GRANDSTANDING.  Our view, you bet! And folks, it won't be the last time.  The Sheriff is commander in chief, and that is not a professional mind set.

Domestic Violence took a back seat this past weekend in North Alabama when two Sheriff's took it upon their selves to "grandstand" a standoff with a murder suspect.  Roger Stevens is suspected of a cold blooded murderer of a pre-meditated act of domestic violence in Decatur. 

The suspect once in custody was treated as if no murder had ever occurred by both Sheriff's, especially by Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin.  Once in custody Sheriff Franklin REFUSED to turn over the suspect to Decatur Police detectives, she refused to handcuff the suspect, and placed him in one of her department vehicles with no protective cage.  He was almost treated as if he (the suspect) was the victim.

A promise was apparently made by Franklin to take the suspect to visit his dad in Somerville before he went to jail.  Thank goodness, DPD detectives held firm to a big no on this decision, but the problem is our Sheriff who openly brags about her vast experience apparently made this promise to a cold blooded murderer.

The truth of the matter is Sheriff Franklin does not have a lot of experience, and proved that by sticking her nose in to Decatur PD's investigation, and then by the way she handled the stand-off last Saturday.  There is no way that Sheriff Franklin can ever say that she is tough on domestic violence based on the way she handled  one of the worst cases of domestic violence there is, murder.  The way she handled the murderer showed sympathy not for the victim, but for the murderer, and that is just wrong in so many ways, and sends out so many wrong and irresponsible messages from the head of a law enforcement agency.

If the Sheriff knew the murder suspect, it is quite apparent that once in custody, she could not put friendship aside, and that is something law enforcement must do each and every time when faced with a situation like this.  There is nothing wrong with the two sheriffs negotiating, but they did not coordinate with the two police agencies on the scene  that were in control, the sheriff's took over, they grandstanded, and they put lives in danger.

The supporters of Sheriff Franklin as well as the two Sheriffs Blakely and Franklin will justify their actions, they will twist it to make it work in their favor, with smoke and mirrors and their dog and pony show.  But worst of it all is the shame that once Stevens was in custody the commander in chief AKA Sheriff Franklin refused to turn the suspect over to Decatur PD.  Sheriff Franklin treated Stevens as if he was the victim not as a suspected cold blooded killer.  That my fellow citizens is a wake call that shows Sheriff Franklin’s true colors.  Sheriff Franklin serves an insult to all domestic violence victims everywhere.


Decatur man charged with making a terrorist threat

Posted: Friday, November 20, 2015 10:36 am

Authorities said a Decatur man was charged with making a terrorist threat because his criminal history made his veiled threats to a Morgan County circuit judge credible.

Brandon Keith McCravy, 33, 1925 Manchester Ave. S.W., was arrested Nov. 14 after authorities listened to recordings of telephone calls that McCravy made to the mother of his child, said Lt. Terry Kelly of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office.

Mamie Elizabeth Mullican, who has a child with McCravy, filed a petition for a protection from abuse order against McCravy that Circuit Judge Jennifer Howell has set for a hearing, according to court records.
McCravy said “Howell wouldn’t feel safe with a (expletive) like him on the street and he might just come for her (expletive),” sheriff’s investigator John Dickson said in an arrest affidavit.
McCravy, who was released on $150,000 bail, has pleaded guilty to second-degree robbery in 2001, firing into an occupied dwelling in 2002, breaking and entering an automobile in 2002, and possession of a controlled substance in 2010, according to court records.