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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Morgan County Sheriff's Facebook

A concerned citizen sent us the below article found on the Sheriff's Facebook. This article is surprising because the sheriff has been known for deleting the unfavorable comments.

No Justice For All

The death of the inmate would be Banueles Martinez.  Mr. Martinez was housed between the MCSO and the mental hospitals for seven years.  Mr. Martinez complained with lower right abdominal  pain for several weeks.  He went to the infirmary several times and was treated with Milk of Magnesia.  Mr. Martinez went to the infirmary one last time on April 21, 2015.  Sources tell us he was so deathly ill he was held up by inmates and carried to the infirmary.  Our sources say that Mr. Martinez was sent back to his pod where he collapsed.  One source said that Mr. Martinez spoke to him shortly before he was transported to Decatur General Hospital where he died shortly after arrival.  Our sources tell us that Mr. Martinez died of complications from Septic poisoning caused by a very serious infection i.e., essential organs to support live such as the heart succumbing to a heart attack, liver, and kidneys. We heard that Mr. Martinez was charged with a sex crime involving a child.  Unfortunately, nobody wins.  Since Mr. Martinez never went before the courts there are no charges.  The alleged victim and their family never got their day in court.

We are all innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.  Mr. Martinez was paying for his alleged crime by being in jail until his court date seven long years.  He did not deserve to die an agonizing death with several weeks of suffering excruciating pains.  According to sources within the sheriff's office his death was useless and should not have happened.

Alert sheriff's office personnel and inmates alike knew how ill Mr. Martinez was. Why didn't the medical staff know?  They treated him with Milk of Magnesia for his illness on several trips to the infirmary?  The infirmary must be adjacent to the mental ward where the sheriff said she is staffed with 24X7 qualified staff.

Last but not least is the senseless shooting death of a beloved family dog by the name of Aubie.  Aubie was shot by a drug task force employee.  The dog was shot in his owners apartment.   One report on the shooting states that the MCSO had been conducting surveillance of the property for weeks. That being said why did they enter the house when no one was home?  The shooting incident was a wall away from a young family with children.  Our sources tell us that the shooter of Aubie has killed multiple family pets since the shooting of Aubie. You can research the story of Aubie on the Web.  We believe that this is the same person that a Morgan County grand jury cleared in the shooting death of a local man in the line of duty.

Whole lotta shootin going on!