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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Updated - Shocked

I got up early this beautiful Sunday morning as I do everyday.  I opened the Decatur Daily and was shocked to find that there were no articles on Sheriff Ana Franklin.  I then did a little channel suffering and again no Ana.

I understand that the State of Alabama is none too happy with these posts and with Star Watch, Morgan County.  It is very unsettling that the State should be angry at citizens who have made complaints.   Little thing called the First Amendment applies and the State needs to live with it.

In one incident a state law enforcement agent, Mr. Louis Zook, the Alabama State Attorney General's Coordinator received a complaint from a lady who told him about a man by the nickname of Smitty who was seen at a local football game by several people wearing a Morgan County Sheriff's Office jacket and a weapon.  The lady went on to tell Zook that Smitty was a local ELEVEN-time felon.  A local police officer witnessed the incident.  Mr. Zook called the officer who told Zook about Smitty and the MCSO jacket and weapon.  Mr. Zook contacted the lady who filed the complaint and told her the incident had been investigated but was unfounded.  Why would Zook do that when a credible police officer told Zook of the incident?

Why is the State so willing to ignore similar incidents that occur and are accepted in Morgan County, Alabama.  Surely it is not because we have a female sheriff.

Our 'part-time' sheriff hired two men who had been out of law enforcement for over two years.  One of the men, Ronald Livingston, went to the Alabama Police Officers Standards and Training (APOST) course twice but could not pass. However Livingston was allowed to take the two week refresher training course and was given a certificate.  He is now a Captain!  Time after time good deputies are overlooked by the sheriff for non-trained personnel.  The same goes for Deputies Goodwin, Zevit, and what ever Berzett's current position is, and many others.  Is Zuck over APOST training?

In another recent event the sheriff had the windows tented in the Morgan County Sheriff's truck that Dee Ann Goodwin drives.  Dee Ann is the employee of one of the vendors who was given a gas card, sheriff's vehicle, and sheriff's office attire to wear at her job as a vendor in the jail cafeteria.  Sweet!

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