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Friday, November 13, 2015

Sheriff's Budget Facing Shortage

The article below explains upcoming sheriff's office shortages.  The article may be correct about the budget shortfall.  If the county is paying attention and stands firm they will have some very good reasons to do so.  Based on our review of the ledgers on three of 21 accounts excluding the discretionary funds.  The sheriff has plenty of wiggle room to assist clean up the MCSO budget.  Here are a few hints to start from today.

1.  Cut back on the travel.

2.  Go to work and try a hands on approach.

3.  Request a forensic audit of all accounts to include the discretionary account.

4.  Cut back on purchases of high dollar equipment purchased for your hobbies such as rodeo events, rodeo queens, 500.00 belt buckles, harnesses, saddles, western attire, worthless dash cams that were purchased for over 17,000 (anything purchased over 15,000 should be purchased under competitive bid).

Note:  The Posse funds is the only funds that should be used for the purchases of posse purchases.  Those monies should never be crossed the the sheriff's regular funds.  Remember the Posse is a non-profit organization.  I would say keep it clean but it is way to late for that.

5.  Use the competitive bid process for purchases of Information Technology purchases.

6.  Drop the contract labor.

7.  Research what is being paid for out of the general funds to Kansas State Bank.

8.  Take sheriff's department vehicles away from contractors, Chaplin's, cut way back on dry cleaning, look into teleconferencing training vice travel, gas, lodging, and food expenses.

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