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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sheriff Worried. Who is Sharing My Information?

Sheriff.  We know you're worried.  You ask one of your cronies how does the Whistleblower get all that inside information from our office?  Could it be from 'insiders'?  Short answer is a resounding "YES!"  Honest, hard-working deputies who are appalled at your behavior, your dishonesty, your lies, your favoritism, your nepotism, your absenteeism deputies are intensely loyal to office of the sheriff, but not to the incumbent who is a disgrace to the office.  Don't bother auditing emails or phone logs looking for our sources; they're too smart for that.  And besides, there are too many of them.  If just five years (seems longer, doesn't it?),  you have managed to alienate the backbone of your force while you reward your cronies, accessories, and fellow crooks.  Not bad, Sheriff.   It's not just the loss of morale; it's the shame.  The shame of being identified with you.  We know.  You think with your 'qualified immunity' and your friends in high places (Bentley, Big Luther, et al) and your minions in low places (Ziaja, Bones Wilson aka Dog Man, Chad Smith, Richard Hamm etc).  We'll see who will stand up for you if and when that first indictment is made public. You have bragged to your staff that you will never be arrested in the State of Alabama.  Maybe not but the public has a right to know how you have abused the position of sheriff and how you have treated the good people who work for you.  

There is one positive outcome that we are proud to announce.  Chris Price has been promoted to Lieutenant.  Good Job Chris.  We understand that Chad Smith thought he had the position wrapped up.  Maybe that is because he was said to be working as Sheriff Franklin's private security guard just off Perkins Wood Road less than a year ago.  We understand that the sheriff complained to the state that she was being stalked.  Little did the sheriff know that we never have to leave our homes to obtain information.  It flows freely.

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