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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sheriff Franklin's Morgan County Facebook Post and Her Self Righteous Followers and Some Not So Self Righteous Compassionate People For Those Who Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Please take the time to read the posts on Morgan County Sheriff's Office Facebook.  You folks out there in Ana Land are a bunch of self righteous hypocrites.  I bet none of you have problems in your household.  Almost every family has a family member who suffers the perils of drug addiction.  Drug addiction affects the entire family not just the family member addicted to drugs.  Sheriff Franklin should be ashamed of herself for all the trophies she places on her one sided Facebook.   Scroll down to Stuart Hamlin's post in bold print then scroll down to Franklin's post.

What is significant about what the Sheriff says is that sheriff Franklin's son-in-law Jonathan Stebbins who also lives in the sheriff's house, and has two children with the Sheriff's daughter committed a 1st degree burglary and received a pre-trial diversion into (of all things)... drug court in Limestone County.  You will not find his picture on anyone's Facebook or a mug shot.  FYI the sheriff hired him to work in the jail as a corrections officer.  He was arrested at least two maybe three times for Burglary 3rd and contempt of court while working for the Morgan County Sheriff's Office.  The sheriff gets a pucker every time this is mentioned.  I believe drug court is set up for people addicted to drugs.  The sheriff doesn't want anybody to know she has the "D" problem in her family.  He is not the only one in the Sheriff's family who suffers with the big ugly "D" problem is he Kentucky.  Kentucky is one of the Sheriff's code names from Cullman County, Alabama.....  That is a story in it's self.