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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sheriff Franklin

Sheriff Franklin is it true that you drove a MCSO vehicle to a Miranda Lambert concert?  Is it true that on the way back from the concert you stopped at an accident where you proceeded to tell all who would listen about the concert?

Do you allow all of your employees to use county resources the same way you do?

Doesn't Berzett drive to and from Rogersville daily?  Doesn't Zevit also drive to and from Huntsville, isn't there also people who drive to and from Limestone County in MCSO vehicles?  Then there is also Dee Ann Goodwin who is a vendor employee who also drives a MCSO vehicle.

Since your son-in-law is now a sales representative for the vendor Superior Food does he also get a MCSO truck.  Halsey was dropped as a MCSO vendor shortly after your son-in-law was hired by Superior.  Superior is now the grocery vendor of choice for the MCSO so we understand.

We posted previously the white MCSO white SUV you drove to at least one of the Rodeo Queen event in Oklahoma?

We believe it was the 2012 Oklahoma event that you purchased three MCSO Crown Victoria vehicles and allowed persons not employed by the sheriff's office to drive two of the vehicles home.  We believe these are some of the very few vehicles that you placed for sale on the official government web site.  We also believe that these are some of the same vehicles that the axles were to badly damaged to repair.

Reminds us of the bucket truck you bought from your boyfriend Steven Ziaja's pay as you go lots.  We believe you paid 4,900 for a bucket truck that did not run.

Money, Money, Money by the pounds.

It appears that our sources are fed up with the State of Affairs within the MCSO. It appears they are going to the media to get their information out.