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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sheriff Ana Franklin Performing at Her Best - Others Apologize for Her Behavior - How Sad

On May 23, 2012 two eleven year old boys were snake hunting in eastern Morgan County.   One of the boys accidentally shot his friend in the face with a shotgun.  One can only imagine the severe trauma the young lad went through seeing this happen to his friend.  Naturally Sheriff's deputies responded as did an investigator.

We have been told they did an outstanding job, and were very caring and compassionate, and the investigator worked well with the parents and with the young boy in trying to get him calm so that he ( the investigator ) could talk to him about the incident.  It took over an hour to get the young lad calm enough to talk to and then understandably it was still a struggle.

Sheriff Franklin then arrived at some point  and came into the young lad's residence.  She sat down in front of the young lad and took over questioning.  When the young lad did not answer quick enough to her questions, Sheriff Franklin stood up and began to shout at this traumatized 11 year old boy. The Sheriff even went as far as to tell the young lad he could answer the questions there or at the Sheriff's office.  At this point the parents told the Sheriff that the questioning was to cease, and that the Sheriff was making the situation worse. Needless to say these actions by the Sheriff further traumatized the young 11 year old boy.

The investigator not in the presence of the Sheriff apologized to the family for the Sheriff's actions.  The friend that was accidentally shot passed away a month later.

The morale of this story is that it seems amazing that the Sheriff in a situation like this would treat this young child in the manner that she did, but yet when a grown man viciously murders his wife she treats him like he is a victim as opposed to being a cold pre-meditated murderer as she did in the Stevens case.  It is time to Wake up Morgan County! 

Last, we ask that all of you that read this post first and foremost pray for the Stevens family and friends. 

 Second, since we did bring up the story from 2012 pray for the young lad and his family from this accidental shooting so that his trauma will not be a burden in his life. 

Third,  Pray for all victims of domestic violence, we apparently still have a long way to go to help these victims.