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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sheriff Ana Franklin - Darrell Childers - Randy Cavnar

Please accept my apology for gramitical errors on this post last night.  What I learned is that working out in the weather all day and posting after hours do not mix well for me.  However, I AM BACK....

For all of the folks living in Morgan County, the names listed above are household names.  All three ran for sheriff in the preliminary 2014 election.  I was told by a couple of deputies that I talk to frequently that Ana and clan believe that. Mr. Childers or Mr. Cavnar are responsible for the morgan.morgancountywhistleblower blog  I hate to disappoint you, Ana but we have known each other since you posed for a calendar many years ago in a mini dress and black fishnet stocking. I could post the pictures but I won't. This goes back to when me and you were little bitty.  I won't share any of those pictures because kids do what kids do.

 I would like to invite Mr. Childers and Mr. Cavnar to contact me through one of the safe  Facebook accounts which is Star Watch, Morgan County.  Send me a private message and I will contact you if I believe you are a concerned citizen.  If we trust you we will post your message on our blog.  You decide.

I can't say this enough.  Our blog is about truth.  This is not a monster mash or a sheriff bash.

Contact us, Morgan County, Alabama.  Contact us, Childers and Cavnar.  We look forward to hearing from you.  To date we have not left our computer to write our blogs.  They come to us.

Thank You Morgan County Citizens for bringing your concerns to us.

If Childers and Cavnar are stand up guys, I hope they contact us.

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