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Monday, November 16, 2015

Sheriff Ana Franklin Blames the Victim - Sticks up For Howell

Sheriff Ana Franklin, Please Hire a Publicist So You Won't Look So Bad.

Straight out of the Horse's Mouth AKA Sheriff Franklin:

“The violence can escalate, and the journal, with dates, times and occurrences, can show that,” Franklin said. “The main thing is that victims need to look out and be prepared for stressors that could cause the violence or threats to escalate. If they do, the judge could decide it’s serious enough to issue the order after a refile.”  Sheriff, did you happen to read the the petition to the court before you went to bat for your buddy?  Do you even know what Ms. Stevens described in her petition to the court?  Maybe you should have read the before you opened your mouth and inserted your foot?
Franklin identified divorce, financial problems, family issues, custody disputes, sickness and contributing factors, such as alcohol use and drug abuse, as “stressors” that can inflame already violent or threatening situations.
Franklin said judges also can consider past convictions and arrests for domestic violence when deciding whether a petition for a PFA meets the law’s requirements.
Records show no prior arrests for Roger Stevens in Morgan County or Decatur.  
He is held in Morgan County Jail in lieu of $250,000 bail. If convicted of the class A felony, he faces 10 years to life in prison.
Sheriff, Some times I think you ain't right.  This lady did everything in her power to save her own life.
Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin said a PFA is more difficult for victims to obtain because it “carries more weight” with offenders.

So sheriff, you do not find Mr. Stevens' threats of murder, ranting, cursing, throwing fireworks at Ms. Stevens home, and dashing Ms. Stevens' business with black paint illegal based on the 13 Criteria listed in the Alabama law?
“You have to go through a court hearing to get a PFA,” Franklin said. “The victim and alleged offender must appear and the judge will rule on it. Anyone who violates a PFA can be arrested on-view on the scene of an incident without a warrant if law enforcement officers see it’s been violated.”
Kay Stevens wrote that Roger Stevens had shown up at her residence Oct. 13, 2014, honking the horn, according to her petition for a PFA. The petition also cited incidents in which Roger Stevens allegedly threw fireworks against Kay Stevens’ apartments July 13 and July 15, 2014, and threw black paint against her business July 23, 2014.
Sheriff, let me use little bitty words: "threaten to kill", "threw fireworks against Ms. Stevens apartment", threw "black paint" against her business.  Sheriff, do you believe Mr. Stevens did this for entertainment?  What a traumatic and terrifying life Ms. Stevens lived prior to her death. 
Alabama law lists 13 possible criminal acts, attempts and threats that may constitute abuse, including assault, menacing, reckless endangerment, sexual assault, stalking, theft, trespass and harassment. Harassment includes directing abusive or obscene language or making an obscene gesture toward another person with intent to harass, annoy or alarm another person, according to Alabama law.
Violation of a PFA carries criminal charges, distinguishing it from a restraining order, which is considered a civil matter that could result in contempt of court if a judge deemed the charge appropriate.
Franklin said women who seek PFA orders that are denied should keep a journal of any incidents that occur, even after the filing.
Now, I understand! It's the victim's fault. Blame the victim! It's another version of:  she was asking for it.  You need to hush up. You did not help your buddy. You are so eager to meet the press, you consistently open your mouth and insert your foot.
You have been in your office a total of 2 1/2 days in the past six weeks. The only time your employees see you is when you are barking out BS to the media. My sympathy goes , out the Mrs. Stevens family, employees, friends, and all the folks who cared about Ms. Stevens. 

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